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At Avonmore, we take great care to help you get the finest quality, freshest milk every time. We only source the best, so our milk comes from a select group of farms that supply only our dairies. Naturally every drop is traceable back to our local Irish farms.

And our dedicated quality team is on hand every step of the way to maintain the highest standards. This passion for quality means that on average we test our milk thirty five times before it gets the Avonmore seal of approval. We call it our “Peak Fresh” test. It’s your guarantee that our milk has reached the peak of perfection, and you can taste the freshness in every glass.

Maybe that’s why with one million glasses enjoyed every day, Avonmore Milk is Ireland’s favourite milk.


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      Irish people are one of the biggest consumers of milk in the world. In fact we are 3rd in the world behind Finland & Sweden for consumption of milk.
      Why do we drink so much milk? Well simply put we produce the best. Ireland produces some of the best milk in the world because of our climate. We grow grass longer throughout the year than any other European country and that means Avonmore cows are outside, eating fresh green grass for most of the year, to help produce the finest quality freshest milk.
      Did you know that the happier the cow the better quality the milk? We are passionate about the quality of our milk and therefore passionate about our milk providers - our cows. We ensure they are not only healthy but happy too and we even have a way to measure it. Our cows have rights too - check out our Cow Charter
      Everything we do from grass to glass ensures we deliver world class quality milk. We are so focused on quality that we have our own, independently certified Quality Assurance programme. What makes us stand out is our dedication and commitment to quality that gives our milk the unmistakable taste of Avonmore.