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  • The Great Pink Run with Avonmore Slimline Milk

    Date: June 20, 2016
    Categories: Slimline

    Avonmore Slimline milk is delighted to partner with Breast cancer Ireland as lead sponsor for the Great pink run taking place on Saturday 27th August 2016 in the Phoenix park.

    2.400 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year and on the last Saturday in August 2016 Sonia O’ Sullivan will once again lead out the GPR to run for them. The event, in its 6th year, was supported by over 5,200 people in 2015 and it raised over €130,000 which goes directly towards pioneering research and awareness programmes nationally.

    This year the organisers are hoping to attract close to 6,500 runners, joggers and walkers, many of whom will don elaborate pink costumes, paint their faces and run along to the music for a 5km fun run or the 10km timed challenge.

    This year RTE radio and TV broadcaster Lottie Ryan will swap spinning tracks for the running track and take part in the event as an ambassador for Avonmore Slimline milk.

    You can register for the event here and we look forward to seeing you all in the Phoenix park for this worthwhile event.

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  • Irish Parenting Bloggers Group: 21 Questions For My Children

    Date: June 26, 2013
    Categories: IPBG

    Our latest blog from our friends at the Irish Parenting Bloggers Group:

    All of the following have happened in the last few days. Coincidentally I am home alone with the children for the last week. I have whole chunks of new grey hair and look five years older than I did a week ago. 

    Dear Children,

    1. Why would you throw a full toilet roll into the toilet and if you really had to would you not have flushed the toilet first?

    2. Why would you put half a banana in your pocket?

    3. Why would you think your doll needed my Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream all over her body?

    4. Why do you leave your schoolbag in the house every morning when we leave?

    5. Why would you stab your mother with a scissors then get ridiculously freaked out by the sight of all the blood? If blood bothers you don’t stab people.

    6. Why would you put a hat on the top of the sweeping brush so that when I walked into the kitchen I thought it was a man standing with his back to me?

    7. Why ,after a lecture on why you should not put a banana in your pocket, the very next day put another half eaten banana in your pocket?

    8. Why do you eat everything given to you in other people’s houses but only eat cheese or chocolate in your own?

    9. Why is your new preferred insult to your sister ” You stupid woman”, where did these misogynist learnings come from?

    10. Why do you think you will get away with drawing on the walls when the same colour marker is all over your hands?

    11. Why are you all overcome with hunger and thirst the minute you get into bed at night?

    12. Why would you climb into the tiny space under the stairs in the bathroom, close the door and sit in between the hoover and old paint silently until I am sitting on the toilet and then burst out screaming “Surprise” really loudly?

    13. Why have you not tired of the One Direction cd yet? I did weeks ago.

    14. Why do you think its a good idea to throw your sisters shoes out the window?

    15. Why would put yogurt on the tv? Really what was the purpose? All it does it obstruct your view and get you in trouble.

    16. Why after getting a ring stuck on your finger that took twenty minutes to take off, would you put the same ring back on the same finger?

    17. Why would you bring your sister upstairs and wash her hair with shampoo and conditioner but no water?

    18. Why, on the first warm evening in six months so the windows were open, would you run through house screaming ” Not my bum, please do not touch my bum, PLEASE DON’T HURT MY BUM AGAIN” just because you saw me with sudocrem in my hand?

    19. Why do you look at me with sympathy and explain in a soft voice that I don’t understand when we are doing YOUR homework, when I am right and you are wrong?

    20. Why would you put a teddy bear bunny in the fridge again after the last time? You saw my reaction when I thought it was a rat in the fridge yet you did it again, Why?

    21. Why do you still think you can fly? If you jump off the bunk bed again we will end up back in the hospital like last. You can’t fly. Stop telling me and other people you can. I am all on for imagination just do not test the theory and stop talking about testing the theory, its not good for me.

    With Best Regards

    Your Broken Mother



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  • Avonmore joins forces with the Irish Parenting Bloggers Group

    Date: May 27, 2013
    Categories: IPBG

    With such a lot of great blogs out there we are delighted to have joined forces with the Irish Parenting Bloggers Group. They have a great variety of interesting articles that we will be showcasing regularly on our Avonmore blog. As the Avonmore community grows we want to bring you fresh and relevant articles here. We welcome your feedback and if you have an interesting blog or suggestion for an article please get in touch with us though the comments section below.

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  • Life Tastes Better with Avonmore

    Date: January 28, 2013
    Categories: Avonmore Peak Fresh, Website

    Here at Avonmore we decided to start the New Year off in style and give our website a makeover. We think it looks quite nice (if we say so ourselves!) Our motto is Life Tastes Better with Avonmore and with such a wide & wonderful range it’s not hard to see why.

    2012 was an exciting year for us. We launched Avonmore Heart Active milk; Bo was introduced as part of our Peak Fresh campaign, we got our wellies mucky at the farm with some lovely bloggers, improved the taste of our delicious soup range & had loads of great competitions on Facebook & Twitter.  All that and we even had time to pour some cream over our Christmas pudding!

    We’ve started 2013 with a bang and have loads more to come, so sign up to the Avonmore community, join us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter & let’s look forward to a cracking year together.

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  • Where next for Bo?

    Date: July 23, 2012
    Categories: Avonmore Peak Fresh, Website

    Well the last 4 weeks have been quite an adventure, we’ve given away €4,000 in cash, a year’s supply of milk to 4 lucky people, fridges, vouchers and a host of cool tech and gadgetry. Most importantly though, you guys have given us some incredible Bos! From Abba to Bo’peep and Father Ted to Queen, we’ve had over 400 truly brilliant competition entries – did you have a favourite?

    Bo Collage

    We’ve had an absolute ball and we hope you have too.  So, what happens next for Bo our millionth glass…. we are working on that! Bo will be kicking back on the farm for the next week or two but don’t expect him to be gone too long.

    If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see Bo getting up to next, let us know below in the comments section or over on Facebook. We’d love to hear your ideas!

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  • A Day on a Peak Fresh Farm

    Date: June 18, 2012
    Categories: Avonmore Peak Fresh, Farms, Milk Team, Testing, Traceability, Website


    Bloggers at the Farm


    This weekend Avonmore were delighted to welcome a group of friends and folks from online to Ballindrum farm in Athy. The purpose of the trip was to bring them to one of our dairy farms & tell them our Peak Fresh story from grass to glass. We also wanted to give them a sneak preview of our brilliant Bo competition (kicking off next Monday – 25th June). However, before getting anywhere near the farm, there was the question of invitations.


    Blogger Invite


    Instead of a boring old letter or email, we wanted to send something a little different that would make people smile. First a custom made chiller box, then a bed of grass for the chilled milk & frosted glass to sit on, and of course miniature wellies! The invite had a QR code to a video telling them about the trip. Of course all of this was specially hand delivered in a refrigerated van.


    On the farm


    Back to the trip though. Ballindrum farm is part of Avonmore’s select group of farms that only supply our dairies. Though it also happens to be a beautiful B&B run by Vincent (our Peak Fresh farmer) and his wife, Mary. All of our farmers work with the quality team to ensure only the finest, freshest milk is produced every step of the way from cow to carton. For the visit, our quality team was also on hand to go through their roles & answer any questions about our 35 peak fresh tests.


    Fresh Scones


     On arrival we were met by Vincent and Mary, and treated to gorgeous homemade scones, jam & cream before we set off for the tour. On the farm, the group was lucky enough to have Vincent himself to lead us. He guided us around the farm and showed us everything that goes into running a Peak Fresh farm and making Avonmore Peak Fresh Milk. Vincent told us for 22 years he has milked his cows twice a day 365 days of the year! We also had a little fun on the day with a mini ‘Make your own Bo’ competition … as you can see it was a big hit!


    Bo Art Attack

    All our Bos


    The best way to learn about what the farm visit was like is to get it straight from the cow’s mouth (no horses here). Check out some of the tweets, pics and posts from our friends:
    or you can search using the #PeakFresh hashtag.


    Stay tuned for more fun with our brilliant Bo competition launching on the 25th of June…..


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  • Peak Fresh

    Date: March 26, 2012
    Categories: Avonmore Peak Fresh

    We are very excited about our new Peak Fresh campaign & our very first blog post! Here at Avonmore we pride ourselves on our dedication & commitment to quality & through the Peak Fresh story we hope to share that passion with you. From grass to glass, we take care every step of the way, to ensure you get the finest quality, freshest milk every time – the unmistakable taste of Avonmore.

    We have been working really hard on all aspects of Peak Fresh including our new website. So have a look around & check out the peak fresh chapters, find out why our cows are so happy & meet our award-winning farmers! We would love to hear from you so don’t be shy and leave a message below or come say hello to us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter where we’ll have great competitions and conversations. So as you can tell it’s all happening here at Avonmore with a lot more to come so watch this space…

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