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Avonmore switches to new Tetra Top® cartons for its Fresh Cream range to reduce plastic usage

Here at Avonmore, we’re working towards a better planet. Starting by ensuring that all of our packaging is reduced, reusable or recyclable by 2025. Alongside this, we’re reducing plastic packaging across our portfolio by 25%. That’s why we have made the switch from plastic bottles to paper-based Tetra Top ® cartons on our range of Avonmore Fresh Creams.

By switching from plastic bottles to Tetra Top ® cartons on Avonmore Fresh Cream, Double Cream and Light Cream, we’re saving up to 40 tonnes of plastic every year, or the equivalent weight of two fully loaded tour buses!

The Tetra Top® packaging contains 62% less plastic than the previous bottles and uses paperboard from responsibly managed forests (Forest Stewardship Council® certified) and other controlled sources where new forest growth replaces harvested trees.

Our Avonmore Cream is the same fantastic, high quality Fresh Cream as you’ve always loved, but now it comes in packaging that is kinder to the planet. Nothing has changed taste-wise.

You can also play your part for the planet by ensuring the cartons are recycled after use. Simply wash out the carton, squash it down and place it in the recycling bin.

Avonmore Cream is a fantastic addition to any meal, from summer meringues with fresh berries, to a one-pot pasta dish. For fabulous lunch, dinner and dessert recipes including Avonmore Cream, visit www.avonmore.ie/recipes

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