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Benefits of Vitamin D

People in Ireland are most vulnerable to Vitamin D deficiency  

Avonmore Whole and Low Fat Super Milk is a rich source of Vitamin D. Just one 250ml glass is fortified with 5 micrograms of Vitamin D - that’s 100% of the EU recommended daily intake of Vitamin D for adults.  Included as part of a healthy balanced diet, Avonmore Super Milk is a great choice for you and your growing family.
Facts about Vitamin D:
•   Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps our bodies use calcium to build and maintain strong bones and teeth. 
•   Vitamin D also helps to regulate cell division, normal muscle function and supports the function of the immune system.
•    Vitamin D is known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’ because our bodies can make it from the sun. When sunlight hits our skin, the ultra-violet (UVB) sunrays are used to make vitamin D.
•    From October to March, in countries at a latitude greater than 42° North, little or no vitamin D can be produced due to the quality and quantity of sunlight – Ireland’s latitude is 51-55° North.
The state of the Nation with regard to Vitamin D
The EU reference intake for vitamin D is 5μg per day

Preschool Children
70-84% of 1-4 year olds in Ireland have intakes less than 5μg per day. (IUNA, 2012)

Primary school children
88% had intakes of less than 5μg per day with 34% at less than 1μg/d (IUNA, 2003/2004)

Vitamin D intake in the teenage group was only 2.7 μg per day, with 22% taking less than 1 μg per day (IUNA, 2006)

72% of men and 78% of women having average daily vitamin D intakes of less than 5µg per day. (IUNA ,2011)

Older adults
Among those aged 65 years and over, over half had average daily intakes of vitamin D less than 5µg, with 87% of men and 77% of women having daily intakes of less than 10µg. (IUNA ,2011)

Pregnant women
The average dietary intake of vitamin D among pregnant women in Ireland ranges from 1.9 – 2.1μg per day or 80% below current recommended levels of 10μg per day.
Food Sources of Vitamin D


Serving Size

Amount of Vitamin D

Egg (vitamin D is found in yolk)

1 average


Liver (Lamb)

100 grams


Fortified milk (Super Milk)*

250ml glass



170 grams



200 grams


Fortified Cereal*


1.3 μg

Source: McCance and Widdowson’s. The Composition of Foods. Seventh Summary Edition. FSA. Food Portion Sizes. Third Edition. *Manufacturer Information