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Our Process

Just as our farmers constantly maintain the quality of their milk, we have also improved and evolved our own processes regularly, to ensure only the finest dairy products make it into Irish homes.

  • Avonmore is the only dairy processor in Ireland that carries out overnight screening of our milk supply.
  • Our milk is tested an average of 35 times between farm and carton.
  • Our Quality Team tests a sample of milk from every farm, every day.
  • We track 1000s of samples by satellite once they leave the farm each day.

Animal Care

Happy, healthy cows supply the world’s best milk, but we need to make sure that the system getting our milk to you is equally world class.

It’s what we call the Grass to Glass journey.



As well as meeting our own Quality Assurance Programme criteria, milk samples are taken at each farm collection and analysed to assure the quality of the milk. 

cows in field

From Grass to Glass

As soon as our farmers milk their cows the milk is chilled so it reaches our dairy just as fresh as when it left the farm. Our fleet of insulated  lorries take the milk to our dairy to be pasteurised and packed. During this process the milk is tested an average of 35 times so that when your glass is full of our milk, you can be certain of its freshness, quality and delicious taste.