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Get the most out of your Milk with Avonmore Super Milk.

In Ireland, we love to get the most out of things but did you know that 90% of us don’t get enough Vitamin D from the food we eat*.  Vitamin D is important in our diet as it helps us absorb calcium from food and drink which is important for maintaining bone and muscle health and also helps support our immune systems too. 

However, a report from the Food Safety Authority Ireland shows that 94% of children, 94% of teenagers and 90% of adults on the island of Ireland have inadequate vitamin D intakes. 

We all know by now that the sun is important for vitamin D production, and that regular exposure is the best way to get the recommended daily allowance. The World Health Organisation recommends 5-15 minutes of sun exposure, two to three times a week, during the summer months to ensure our bodies produce enough vitamin D. But what happens when we don’t get the summer sun or during the rest of the year when the sun is feeling much more shy?

The good news is, we can increase our vitamin D through clever diet choices. Oily fish like salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel are good, natural sources, along with red meat, liver, egg yolks, and fortified foods like breakfast cereals or milk. 

Although it might feel like it, getting enough vitamin D into your diet doesn’t have to be a challenge; simply adding Avonmore Super Milk to your tea, coffee, smoothies, cereals and pasta sauces will make a big difference. You can also drink a glass of milk on its own to enjoy the full benefits.

As well as Vitamin D, Avonmore Super Milk is enriched with a number of essential nutrients, including Vitamin B, Vitamin E, extra Calcium and Folic Acid, making it a great choice for you & your family every day. 

Available in 1.75L, 1L and 500ml sizes, Avonmore Super Milk is available nationally through all retailers & can also be ordered through your local milkman at

Enjoy Avonmore Super Milk as part of a healthy and balanced diet including foods containing Vitamin D.


**FSAI (2023): Vitamin D: Scientific Recommendations for 5 to 65 Year Olds Living in Ireland. Vitamin D contributes to calcium absorption, maintenance of normal bones & normal function of the immune system.