Helping biodiversity

We’re Committed to Helping Biodiversity Across Ireland

Over the last two years, Avonmore has partnered with Irish farmers to plant 100,000 trees and hedgerows on farms across the country. This is a major initiative to support our climate and promote biodiversity.

The planting of trees and hedgerows has lots of environmental benefits like;

  • Giving cows shelter from wind, rain and the sun.
  • Enriching and protecting soil from erosion.
  • Removing carbon from the atmosphere and giving back oxygen.
  • Providing shelter for wildlife such as hedgehogs, birds and bats.   

We’re committed to supporting our dairy farmers so that they can take care of their cows and farms. Which is why we have now set a new goal of planting 450,000 trees and hedging plants across Ireland by 2025. By working together with our farmers, we can make a positive impact on our planet and our communities. Biodiversity is good for everyone!