Summer Whipped Cream Knickerbocker Glory

Summer Whipped Cream Knickerbocker Glory

Recipe cooking time
10 Minutes
Recipe cooking time
4 People


1. Lightly fry the peaches in butter and caster sugar, saving the remaining syrup.

2. Layer all ingredients in a tall sundae glass.

3. Pour the peach syrup over the top of the glass and allow it to dribble down the sides.

4. Dollop plenty of Summer Whipped Cream on top and decorate with a cherry and an ice-cream wafer.


  • 8 Scoops Chocolate Ice-Cream
  • 125g Strawberry Jelly
  • 200g Peaches, Strawberries and Raspberries - all halved
  • 350ml Avonmore Summer Whipped Cream
  • 10g Avonmore Butter
  • 25g brown sugar

     To Decorate

  • Ice-Cream Wafers

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