Our Avonmore Slimline Milk ‘MORE OF WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU’ competition is now closed and all winners have been contacted.

Congratulations to the overall winner, Ethna Conneely from Co. Galway, who won the luxury weekend break in Wineport Lodge and to all the other weekly winners.

 Please check back again soon for more competitions.

Avonmore Slimline Milk

With so much going on in our lives, it can be difficult to look after ourselves and ensure we’re giving our bodies what they need. It’s not always easy to get enough sleep, make time for daily movement and exercise, and get the right balance in our meals.  

Avonmore Slimline milk is one way you can get more vitamins and minerals into your day.  It naturally contains calcium and is also enriched with added iron, vitamin C, vitamin D and folic acid; essential nutrients that help us feel our best.

  • Carries oxygen around our bodies, helping release energy throughout the day. Having enough iron in our diets helps protect us against tiredness and fatigue.

  • Iron is also important to support normal cognitive functioning. 

  • In Ireland, nearly 2 in 3 women (61%) aged 18-50 years do not get enough iron in their diets[1].
Vitamin C
  • Helps our bodies to better absorb iron from the food we eat.

  • It also helps our bodies form collagen which is important for healthy bones, skin and teeth. 

  • A 200ml glass of Avonmore Slimline milk contains 30% of your recommended intakes of iron and vitamin C.
Vitamin D
  • Helps our bodies to absorb calcium which is important for healthy bones and muscles.

  • It also helps our immune systems to work normally.

  • Calcium and vitamin D help to reduce the loss of bone mineral in post-menopausal women. Low bone mineral density is a risk factor for developing osteoporosis. 
Folic acid
  • Is a type of B-vitamin.

  • Like iron, it helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

  • It also helps your immune system to work as it should, and supports psychological function. 

  • A 200ml glass of Avonmore Slimline milk contains 70% of your recommended intake of folic acid.