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Easy Peasy Recipes For Baking With Kids

Looking for a way to make the most of the extra time we'll have at home together? Look no further than these super easy recipes, which are not only delicious but will also keep your little ones entertained indoors for a few hours. The benefits of baking with kids are untold. From teaching children about teamwork, to developing creativity to learning about different ingredients and where they come from, baking can be both fun and a huge learning opportunity for children.  Add to that, the sense of achievement and enjoyment children get when they see their final product and you have a great recipe for some indoor fun.

To make things a little easier here are our top tips for a great bake off;

  1. Plan ahead; make sure you have all your ingredients & equipment ready. These include little aprons, wooden spoons, baking cases, tins, cookie cutters and anything you need to make your recipes.
  2. Think about the ages of your children and choose a simple recipe to start with. Think about what tasks they can do themselves and which steps they may need help with.
  3. Teach children about food & kitchen hygiene by making sure they wash their hands before handling food and ensuring that they clean surfaces & equipment as they go.
  4. Making a mess is part of the fun.  Consider putting your little ones into either old clothes or aprons and putting some sheets of paper or a plastic table cloth on the floor to reduce the mess but know that mess is to be expected and part of the fun.
  5. Above all, have fun! Teaching your little ones to bake not only instils a sense of confidence in them but is also teaching them a key life-skill and the end result doesn’t have to be perfect. Celebrating their baking successes as well as the baking flops encourages kids to have lots of fun but also learn as they go. 

To get started, check out our top kids baking recipes below:


Confetti Pancakes

These pancakes made with Avonmore Buttermilk and topped with Avonmore Whipped Cream are almost too pretty to eat! Get the recipe here.

Malteaser Tray bake

You only need a few ingredients to make these to make this extra special tray bake that can keep any sweet tooth happy for days! Get the recipe here.

Banana Tartlets

Avonmore Luxury Fresh Custard is the real star of these refreshing and delicious treats! Get the recipe here.

Best of luck with your attempts at these and any of the other delicious home recipes we have on our website! If you’re a keen baker, then check out our baking hacks competition where you could win one of 3 €50 OneForAll vouchers. Happy Baking!